Written By Erin & Jane

Buenos dias todos!
With less than a week less of this epic adventure, let’s look back at what the previous week brought!

We begin at the lovely permaculture farm, Villas Mastatal, and learned about the importance of working with the earth’s ecosystem, how to make compost, and how to plant almond trees, while getting to experience the power of Costa Rican rain storms!

Here we have the group on day one, not letting the hot sun stop them. Fun fact: these are almonds trees attract the beautiful Macaw bird!
Saul hard at work!
Caroline taking a short break to sing along to “Sunny” by Boney M. (Very weather appropriate).
A real vanilla bean plant!
After working up a sweat planting those trees, the group took a short hike down to a near by water fall to swim it off!

Saul helping Maddie up the steep hill at Villa Mastatal for her birthday dinner.
Caroline and Maddie being celebrated on their shared birthday!!!
The gang gearing up to watch the documentary Banana Land (available free on YouTube) about the impact on the United Fruit Company on Latin America.
Dance party for Caroline’s passion class.
Beautiful forest around Mastatal.

The group looking out on the medicinal plant beds we built on the last day of work!

Next it’s off to Drake Bay for sun, sand, and scuba diving!

Hasta la próxima!
-Erin and Jane