Hasta La Proxima

Written By OEs, Soumya & Ryan To our lovely readers who have followed along all this way, gracias! It’s your favorite OE team, Soumya and Ryan, despidiendonos from the sweet concrete jungle that is San José. Yesterday, we said our final adios to our Carpe crew who have been our family and friends for the last three months (complete with obligatory and very fashionable white bucket hats). As we close… Read More

Osa Península + Despedida

Written By OES, Ryan & Soumya The final week of the semester was one for the books on the Osa Peninsula. It started with an epic boat trip there along the Sierpe River We arrived to the beautiful Drake Bay which offered daily opportunities for beautiful sunset swims But the real reason we came was for diving!!! The peninsula is one of the last protected wild rainforests in all of… Read More


Written By Erin & Jane Buenos dias todos! With less than a week less of this epic adventure, let’s look back at what the previous week brought! We begin at the lovely permaculture farm, Villas Mastatal, and learned about the importance of working with the earth’s ecosystem, how to make compost, and how to plant almond trees, while getting to experience the power of Costa Rican rain storms! Next it’s… Read More

The Waves Of Life In Lobitos

Written By Flannery, Latitudes Year ’22 Peru I started my time in Lobitos with three goals: 1. Become conversational in Spanish 2. Learn to surf a short board 3. Make one good friend Not only were all three of those accomplished with surprising success, but the community of Lobitos (or as I like to call it, Loveitos) revealed to me hundreds of unexpected gifts. Working with Waves for Development has… Read More

A hui hou kākou!

Written By OEs, Mara & Cahill Hey Campers. This wild ride had to come to an end at some point, turns out that was last week! This time spent learning from our numerous kipunas, our crash course in living a life filled with kupono, and singing our oli everywhere we went cannot be summed up with words on a screen. To all those reading these very words, know that these… Read More

Wynndow Into Our Experience

Written By Wynn & Emily It’s officially our last week on the program, and by the time friends and family read this, most of us in the group will probably be in the air or already landed at home. It is a very bittersweet ending, with everyone sad to say goodbye and also excited to see their loved ones again after seventy days. The past week was very full, with… Read More

Ciao Italia!!! Ciao Terra!!

Written By OEs Rachael & Adam Greetings Terra family, friends, and fans! This is the final blog by your OE’s Rachael & Adam. It has been an honor herding your kiddos through airports and train stations for the last couple months! We have shared many a laugh, lots of gelato, weird dance experiences in a yurt, some tears, and met and loved many donkeys along the way. We started in… Read More

Choose Your Own Storyline!! (Kinda)

Written By Riley START It is raining outside. The campfire is smoldering. Two of us help our Irish contact, Colm prepare breakfast in the outdoor kitchen. The rest of us sit on the outside tables, in the yurt, or huddled around the campfire, waving off the smoke. We eat delicious chestnut pancakes (made with Paladini’s own supply of chestnut flour), scrambled eggs (not without lack of eggshells), and Colm’s delicious… Read More

Pura Vida

Written by Hunter & Maddie Hello friends! Hunter and Maddie here for the weekly blog We started the week off in Turrialba finishing up our Spanish classes. Mastatal represents one of our final weeks here in Central America. For most of us, the past 3 months have represented a time of hardship and new experiences, and from that, a time of growth. Everyone here has learned and grown whether it… Read More

Student Directed Travel

Written By Gigi & Delia This week Mara and Cahill were dismissed from scheduling obligations and joined the chicken ranks for our student led travel week! Dun dun dun!!!! Destined to be the most chaotic but definitely not lacking in fun, we started our week by wrapping up our time in Miloli’i. The group participated in a town hearing to push forward legislation proposed by the village to protect 18… Read More

Diving In The Dominican Republic

Written By Kaeley, Latitudes Year ’22 Dominican Republic Hello all! The last 2 months I’ve spent in the Dominican Republic have been a blast. Can’t wait to share with you! I am staying in the quaint ocean town of Bayahibe, and through Carpe Diem have been diving with Coral Point Dive Shop. On a typical day I go on 2-3 dives starting early in the morning, then go home to… Read More

A Photo Journey – South Africa

Written By Mackenzie, Latitudes Year ’22 South Africa So what have you been doing in South Africa? This is a loaded question that I have been asked more and more recently, so here is a blog to depict what my last 2 months at Dreamcatcher have consisted of. So what is Dreamcatcher? A better question is what isn’t Dreamcatcher. Their mission is “…to actively pursue mutually beneficial, responsible tourism, knowledge… Read More

From Montaña to Mar

Written By Jane and Elliot Hello and welcome back to your favorite blog. This weeks installment features the thrilling adventures of the most lovable student group living out their self proclaimed travel dreams. That’s right, we planned everything from volcano climbing to relaxing on the Caribbean. Using boats, cars, airplanes, and our own feet, we have truly traveled far and wide this week. While our student directed travel started in… Read More

Working in Paradise

Written By Gus, Latitudes Year ’22 Thailand Hello, My name is Gus. I have been living in Thailand for just over two months as an intern at CORE sea. We work Wednesday through Sunday, so we have Monday and Tuesday as our weekend. A normal work day starts with a group meeting at 9 a.m. in the classroom. Stefan and Vicky (our bosses) brief us on where we are diving… Read More

Lana del Blog

Written By Lana & Luke To begin the week, we said goodbye to Pineapple Park Hostel, heading south of Kona. An hour long drive and serene views took us down to Miloli’i, the last fishing village on the island of Hawai’i. We arrived to a barren landscape of jagged lava rocks, all of which formed from Mauna Loa erupting one hundred years ago. The change of scenery was drastic. Dry,… Read More

Via Francigena

Written By Nick & Charlotte For this week during our trip we went trekking along the Via Francigena. We started out in the city of Gambassi Terme and finished in the city of Siena while making our way through the country side of Tuscany, staying in Abbeys and Convents along the way. Our journey started off with bread making and a 14km hike to the city of San Gimignano. We… Read More

A Week Sweeter Than Honey!

Written By Omer, Mikayla, & Andrew From more goodbyes to ocean time to bees, this week has been all the buzz! We began Wednesday farming with our new friends, the interns at the local organic and regenerative farm. We loved having another day getting our hands dirty and connecting with the earth, planting and picking different crops. We then met Jennifer, an incredible woman who singlehandedly created a department of… Read More

Aventuras Desde El Lago De Atitlan

Written By Saul & Caroline Student Leaders Saul and Caroline coming at you one last time. This week after our relaxing retreat weekend we took a boat to San Juan where we took Spanish classes in the morning and activities like bee tours, horseback riding, kayaking, and enjoying the beautiful view of the lake on a beach. More student directed travel fun coming soon Until next week, Saul y Caroline… Read More

Jelly Beans, Penguin Huddles, and Songs About Cows

Written By Luke & Wynn To start off this busy week, we worked with the amazing interns at the local farm to prepare gardening beds for future planting. We weeded, aerated, and flattened the beds using hula hoes, pitchforks, and rakes. After prepping most of the beds, we split into groups of two to plant a wide variety of crops including carrots, lettuce, fennel, tomatoes, and beans. When our day’s… Read More