Road Signs and Hana Times

Written By Emily & Andrew Wednesday the 23rd, our morning started out by leaving our campsite at the refuge with a gorgeous rainbow shining above our heads, good luck before taking on the long, windy road to Hana. During the three hour drive, we stopped at Ke’ane Peninsula to watch the waves crash against the large rocks, sending sea mist into the air before it landed on us. Our next… Read More

Trees, Treks, and reTreats!

Written By Maddie & Matt Maddie and Matt here! We’ve had a jam-packed week with lots of fun and lots of aches. We started off in Pachaj working on reforestation with the Chico Mendes foundation. After 3 days of physical pain and exertion, we got to rest and relax in beautiful San Marcos! The town is known for its aura of spiritual healing and hippie culture. We learned about metaphysics,… Read More

Un día en la vida a Rio Muchacho

Written By Michaela, Latitudes Year ’22 Ecuador Bienvenidos! Un día en la vida a Rio Muchacho For the last 8 weeks, I have been volunteering at Rio Muchacho- an organic farm and ecolodge located in a small valley north of Canoa, on the west coast of Ecuador. It’s pretty difficult to express how special this place is, if you’ve never had the pleasure to visit. It’s a daily occurrence for… Read More


Written By Jack & Cedar Salutations to our beloved fans! My, what a week it has been! Following a challenging week at Re-Green, we returned to Athens for the afternoon. After dropping our bags off at the AirBnB, the very stinky group scurried over to the trusty laundromat, followed by lunch at our favorite souvlaki place (for the 100th time). The group then went their separate ways- some of the… Read More


Written By Lana & Mikayla As the pink clouds reflect on the shimmering, churning ocean, transforming it into an opalescent purple sea of wonders, we awoke to another week that will transcend beyond our expectations. IT WAS CRAZZYYYY!!!!!!!! Truly fulfilling our internal desires to work vigorously, we gave this week our all. With that, we experienced so many beautiful moments, laughed until there were tears in our eyes, and shared… Read More

Life In Xela

Written By Erin Buenos Dias Todos! This is Erin writing to you from the lovely city of Xela where the gang has completed a second week studying with some amazing Spanish teachers and partaking in adventurous activities. Let’s look back at some of the highlights! It’s been a great week of Spanish learning and group fun….now onto Pachaj….until next week folks!… Read More

Whale Watching and Marine Science in Tenerife, Spain

Written By Maya, Latitudes Year ’22 Spain For the past 2 months I have been able to experience the wonderful lifestyle of living on the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. For my Latitudes semester, I chose to do an internship with Biosean, where they focus on whale watching and marine science. Almost everyday interns were out on the boat helping collect data and guide whale watching… Read More

Trek to Teach: Nepal

Written By Ava, Latitudes Year ’22 Nepal After a long and tiring 48 hour travel expedition, I finally was able to step out of the airport and into the busy and highly energetic city of Kathmandu, Nepal. I was swiftly greeted by Sarala, one of Trek to Teach’s organizers and members. From this moment on, my time in Nepal has been filled with some of the most amazing, exciting, fulfilling,… Read More


Written By Jillian & Sam Welcome to Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary! We will be your tour guides today around this wonderful community. (Feel free to follow along by referencing this map!) As you can see, straight-forward, we have the sanctuary dogs (1). The biggest is Mocha, our gentle giant. The fluffiest is the elderly Lynda, she has the wiggliest butt this land has ever seen. Lastly, is the smaller Ellie, she… Read More

The True Meaning of Gaia Ashram

Written By Emma, Latitudes Year ’22 Thailand Hey! My name is Emma Neuman, and I have been living in an ecovillage in Udon Thani, Thailand, for about a month and a half now, and it has arguably been one of, if not the, most incredible and purposeful experiences in my 18 years of life. I was initially very nervous at the prospect of traveling to a country as well as… Read More

Buenos Días desde Xela!

Written By Caroline & Jane Buenos Dias Todos! It’s Caroline and Jane this weeks student leaderz. The city of Xela has offered its new guests a whole world of fun. Spanish classes, hot springs, waterparks, mountain climbing, and a nauseating amount of bussin’ baked goods. Spending five hours a day at a school might sound like a bore, but our time at PLQ has truly been special. We’ve improved our… Read More

Changing It Up

Written By Omer & Delia This week we had some major transitions. We’ve had to say goodbye to people and places that have become an intrinsic part of our life: Camp Olowalu, whose sprinklers and wooden showers will be remembered; Kipuka Olowalu with all its magic; Joi the dog, whose enthusiasm will forever be unmatched; Teje, who will forever be our auntie; and most sadly, Reggie the rooster, who we’ll… Read More

La Dulce Vida en Málaga

Written By Eli, Latitudes Year ’22 Spain Hola de La Costa Del Sol in beautiful Southern Spain! Soy Eli and I am excited to share with you what life is like in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I have been living in the wonderful, historic city of Málaga, which is located in the Andalusia region of Spain. Over the last six weeks, I have been studying… Read More

The Thai Life

Written By Calvin, Latitudes Year ’22 Thailand Hi! My name is Calvin Koscinski and I’ve been living in Thailand for just over a month. When I first landed in Thailand I was extremely sleep deprived despite spending the last 20 hours sitting on a plane or sitting in an airport. Note to Self: Don’t try to catch up on a whole season of multiple shows when you could be sleeping.… Read More


Written By Riley & Ethan This week we boarded an early morning flight from Crete to Athens to explore the independence of Greek city life. After settling in to our spacious AirBnb on Loulianou Street, afternoon free time was spent napping, locating laundromats, vintage shopping, and sampling the wide variety of cheese pies Greece has to offer. That night, the group dined together at a local souvlaki restaurant where we… Read More

Rebooting Into Nature

Written By Caroline and Max A group of twelve, Reggie the rooster (with the addition of Lil Peep and many cats), and the continually infamous cooler that goes by Uncle George have been romping around the natural playgrounds of Maui for a second week, with much to share. On Thursday, we returned to Kipuka Olowalu where we tie-dyed our own kiheis out of a dirt/water solution, found our inner little… Read More

Week 2 in Crete!

Written by Natalie & William Greetings Carpe Diem enthusiasts, Our group had an excellent second week in the mud houses in the mountains of Crete. The week was focused on further Greek exploration. We continued our Greek classes with our teacher, Maria. Our lessons focused on more common sayings and greetings which were useful on our trips to local towns. We even learned some traditional Cretan dances – made even… Read More

Muchas llantas, tierras, y carretillas en Long Way Home!

Written By Saul & Emma ¡Hola chicos! Somos Saul y Emma! We’re the student leaders for the week, and also trying to practicar nuesto Español, entonces este mensaje will be in Spanglish. Us writing this blog with some company… We arrived in Comalapa from Antigua on Sunday afternoon to this beautiful volunteer house at Long Way Home: The buildings are all made out of recycled materials such as old tires,… Read More

First week in Maui!

Written By Team Aloha, led by Wynn and Omer! A group of twelve (along with Reggie the rooster) have been roaming Maui for a week. Shockingly, we all know how to swim. From orientation activities to planting taro, we’ve had a stellar time. We’ve swam a bit and saw whales from afar, visited two farms, went to the real Uncle George’s live slack guitar show with his buddies, and celebrated… Read More