Why Scholarships?

At Carpe Diem, we strive to offer affordable gap year programs and make them accessible to all interested students. To that end, we have designed a three-pronged scholarship program to support socioeconomic diversity within our student groups. Our three scholarship options are: 1) Access Scholarship, 2) Inclusion Scholarship, 3) Carpe Mundi Scholarship.

We have compiled a list of additional scholarship resources for gap year students which you can find here. If you are aware of any other scholarship opportunities, please let us know so we can add them to our list!

Access Scholarship


Up to two $5,000 scholarships/year and four $2,500 scholarships/year


  • Must be eligible to receive Federal Pell Grant through a FAFSA submission
  • Participant in a Fall group semester or the Latitudes Year program
  • Priority consideration will be given to applicants from the BIPOC community and first-generation college students
  • Must have submitted a program application or have already been accepted into a Carpe Diem program

Deadlines & Notification

For priority application review, please submit your application by May 1st.

For applications received after May 1st: if there are scholarship funds remaining, we will review your scholarship application as soon as possible and get in touch if we are able to offer you financial support.

Inclusion Scholarship


Up to six $1,000-$2,000 scholarships/year


  • Demonstrated need for assistance in funding a Carpe Diem experience
  • Open to students on all Carpe Diem programs
  • Recipients could include:
    • students without familial financial support
    • students whose families are experiencing financial hardship
    • low-income international students, etc.
  • Must have submitted a program application or have already been accepted into a Carpe Diem program

Deadlines & Notification

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Scholarship applications are reviewed after students have received their acceptance into the program.

Carpe Mundi Scholarship

In addition to the Access and Inclusion scholarships, Carpe Diem supports Portland-based students through the Carpe Mundi Scholarship. Carpe Mundi, the non-profit branch of Carpe Diem, organizes a full-year mentorship program for low-income, first-generation college students from the Portland area, including participation on a Carpe Diem Gap Year semester.

Carpe Diem provides up to $150,000/year in scholarships to support 30 Carpe Mundi students.

To learn more about Carpe Mundi, visit www.carpemundi.org