Turtle conservation

We spent our last week in Costa Rica at KUEMAR, a turtle rescue project. It was hard work, but it paid off with our once in a lifetime experiences! Every night, we took shifts at neighboring beaches where we patrolled. We saw our first adult sea turtles and got closer than we could ever imagine with them. We watched them as they scooted their way out of the water and made nests for their eggs and after about an hour we were able to excavate their eggs right from under them. Since they did not have a turtle nursery we had to relocate the eggs to spots that were more discreet so that poachers and predators could not get to them. During the day time we followed up at sites where eggs were reburied and got to release turtles that had hatched. We watched as hundreds of baby sea turtles took their first steps and swims. We spent our freetime taking naps after the long night shifts and going to the beautiful beaches. It was a wonderful week.
Signing off, Asia Safriwe