Week In Xela

Group photo after the short hike up Cerro Baul.

Written By Liona & Ben

We started this week off with a spectacular welcome into the grand city of Xela. We met our host families for this week. We are no longer doing one on one classes however we are definitely getting our Spanish practice in by talking to our host families and our teachers. We have explored many places in Xela and visited many restaurants. While sitting down in an Indian restaurant, the power went out before we could order. We had our laughs and shared spooky stories. We explored the ice cream shops, the central park, and the mall. We also took a tour in the cemetery here. We learned about this popular tale about this women who has reappeared to try to return to her family. In the cemetery, there is also a popular grave where people come and write messages in hopes that they will have luck with love. Later in the week we had our second dance class. Everyone loved it and could not stop smiling. Even after the class ended, we still wanted to dance. On Friday we hiked up to see the view of Xela and were nicely escorted by the police. We can now all joke that we were taken by the cops! At the top of our hike, we lived like kids again. We slid down these long cement slides, the monkey bars, and took wonderful pictures. A lot has happened this week! There is definitely more to say but we’ll catch you on all the happenings when we get home.

Liona & Ben signing out.

Enjoying ice cream to celebrate one month completed in Guatemala together.
Ish, Maya and Liona enjoying a little fresh mango with chili on it, a delicious treat!
Alissa enjoying the cement slides, ridden down on pieces of cardboard, at Cerro Baul.
Ish, Rachel and Suzannah sporting their matching sweatshirts with traditional Guatemalan fabric.