Via Francigena

Written By Nick & Charlotte

For this week during our trip we went trekking along the Via Francigena. We started out in the city of Gambassi Terme and finished in the city of Siena while making our way through the country side of Tuscany, staying in Abbeys and Convents along the way. Our journey started off with bread making and a 14km hike to the city of San Gimignano. We stopped in town along the way and for The World’s Best Gelato. We were able to stay at a campground and in our own little cabins our first night. The next day we started our day off by going to a village that had been rebuilt from the medieval times and had people living in it like they did back then. We had the opportunity to tour the village and even got to help the blacksmith make an arrowhead in his forge. We then walked from San Gimignano to the city of Colle Val d’Elsa in a hike that was only half the distance of the previous day and we got to stay in a convent. We were in the old part of San Gimignano which was at the very top of the city so to get to the city center was a hike of its own. From there we got to start out our next day with foraging on our way to Abbadia Isola where we were able to stay in an Abbey and got to have dinner inside of a chapel. Our last day of trekking was our shortest yet where we hiked to the city of Monteriggioni which was a walled city on the top of a hill. We were able to stop for lunch and gelato as we finished our journey with a bus ride to our last stop of Siena.

This week we decided to do a scrapbook of our adventures with everyone submitting their own pictures for the blog.

Holy Cow!
Lovely views, taken on the roof of our first stop on the trek.
The walled city that we hiked to on our last day of trekking.
On our first leg of the trek we came across a friendly if not cold horse which was abnormally tall ( 6”2, Nick for reference).
This husky followed us for a while on the trail!
Mid- pilgrimage, crossing a river while we learned how to forage!
The group recreating the last supper after dinner during the trek.
Adam, carpe diem, circa 2022. Caption: dope pose with the carpe diem drip.