Scavenger hunt blog: Sight

We have seen so many amazing sights this week! When we were first flying in, those lucky enough to get window seats were treated to a bird’s eye view of Guatemala city. The sights continued as we piled into a minibus and began the long, winding trip up to Xela. We passed acres upon acres of farmland, most of which were barren for the winter. As the bus navigated perilously tight turns, the gorgeous vista of the countryside lay before us. From our vantage point in the mountains, the farms that we’d previously passed looked tiny. Despite our collective exhaustion, it was hard to fall asleep while looking at the spectacular views. After some more tight, steep turns, we were in Xela! The city’s streets were a lot narrower than we’d expected, with cobblestones that jostled our little bus to and fro. We passed street vendors, signs in Spanish, and even a few fellow foreigners. Everything was so new, and we couldn’t wait to experience it all from outside the bus windows. When we arrived at our hostel, Casa Siebel, we were greeted with beautiful flowers and plants growing under the open roofs. As we went to sleep that night, our dreams were filled with the beautifully novel sights of Guatemala.

Paige, Chloe, and Hanna