Maya Group Signoff

Final group photo at the airport in Guatemala City.

Written By Suzannah & Matt

Hola a tod@s!

Matt y Suzannah here, together in spirit if not in body! It’s been a crazy few days but we hope everyone is home (or in Xela) safe and sound. While our time together in Central America did not end the way we would have hoped, we want to focus on the great experiences we were privileged enough to have during our month together. We devoted a lot of time to learning Spanish, getting our hands dirty with permaculture practice, and soaking up the Guatemalan culture. We were both so impressed by how hard each and every student pushed themselves to learn and to step out of their comfort zones. It wasn’t always easy, but everyone has come away from this experience a different and better person, ready to face the challenges and uncertainty that the coming months may bring. We both miss each and every student but also treasure the time we had together and are excited to see all the things they will accomplish.

Some highlights, in no particular order:

So many games of Cabo.
Shad karaoke
Listening to stories of former guerillas in Santa Anita
Feeling the wind in your face as you ride in the back of a pickup truck
Exploring the markets, cobbled streets and Taco Bells of Xela
Learning about nahuals
Playing games and going on field trips with our Spanish teachers
Roof-top orientation in Antigua
Doing Spanish homework by candlelight when the power went out
Hiking to Cerro de la Cruz in San Juan and filming a welcome video for Serena
Dona Violeta’s cooking!
Getting orange-smoke-bomb blinded at a futbol game in San Juan.
Sliding around Xocomil waterpark
Two hours in the back of a pickup waiting for traffic to pass an accident
Late-night seances
Building epic forts at the Bambu

First group photo in Antigua.
First full group photo (with Serena) at San Juan Spanish school after our first salsa class.