Final blog from Central America!

Sarah Spirek here! As our semester comes to a close, I just wanted to write a few closing comments for our trip. We have all learned so much, some of it we won’t even realize until we get home. We have built a little family within our group and have suffered the loss of three of our members. We have spent the last three months learning, growing and experiencing the world together. Looking back now the trip is a blur of sunsets, baby turtles and mosquito bites but we had the opportunity to experience so much more. We were totally immersed in the language, culture and daily life of our host countries and made lasting relationships with host families and Carpe Contacts. Learned how to be uncomfortable and appreciate everything we have at home. I would like to end with a quote form a book I just read; “People always get used to beauty” I don’t ever want to get used to beautiful things. I hope we all go home and notice the beauty we have grown accustomed to and learn to appreciate it. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful world and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to see so much of it. Thank you to our lovely little group, I love and will miss you all.