End of semester

Greetings from our homes,

As we read this we may be sitting back sharing stories of our time hiking to Machu Picchu, sleeping in later then we have for the last three months, eating delicious food we haven’t had the chance to eat for the last semester, or maybe we are still in Peru enjoying one last soda y segundo! Whatever it may be, the adventure that the 14 of us had in South America has come to a close. And with this closing comes the opening and beginning of a new chapter. It is our hope that all of you can start to bring the amazing lessons, ideas, stories, and experiences with you all as you start jobs, get ready for school, or spend time with loved ones. We feel like the luckiest Overseas Educators there ever was for having had the group we did together- and we mean that. Every single one of you was an integral part of our family, and we will cherish our time together, forever. Remember if there is ever a time you want to reach out to one another, share stories, or just talk in Spanish feel free to connect. We will miss you (we already do!)

With love,

Laura and Dan